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Revolution Square

Making cities a better place


Automatic Flipping

The world has a problem. Climate change causes that cities are overheated. Too many concrete areas, which are +10°C hotter than grass areas are one of the reasons. We need to cool them down.

Revolution Square is a platform which can help cities to reduce their temperature in summer time. It reduces concrete areas and increases green areas, which are cooler and more user friendly. Many areas are not used for a long time during a day. With Revolution Square we can change concrete areas to nice places where people sit, relax and enjoy their time. The platform should be rotated with grass side up and it should flip to the other side with solid surface only when it is needed and only for the time it is needed. Water tanks built under the the platform in the ground sotre rain water which is to be used during the hottest days in the year.

© 2020 by Peter Chrien

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